Hi, I’m Omkari Williams host of the Stepping Into Truth podcast, as well as a speaker and coach whose work is helping to bring the stories, voices, and wisdom of women into the world. 

As a black woman who isn’t African American, I have a unique and multi-layered viewpoint on the important conversations we’re having around race, gender, and social justice.

I bring to my work all that I learned as an actress, political consultant, and executive coach about how important women’s stories are and how to leverage the power they hold. I speak to, and coach, women from all over the world, teaching them how to use their stories as the foundation for profound change.  And, to those who think our stories can’t make a difference, I say the #MeToo movement is a perfect example of women’s stories making a huge impact in the world. 

Things to know about what I do and believe:

  • Current norms are not about celebrating the wisdom and voices of women. Current norms are still about upholding a patriarchal system that elevates some so that the rest of us are kept in our “place”. Those days are coming to an end and I see that lots of women, while embracing the demise of a deeply unjust system, don’t yet know how to speak their truth into the world being created by these changes.

  • My speaking, coaching, and workshops are all designed to honor my commitment to teaching women how to elevate their voices and share their stories so they can make the changes they want to make, in their lives and in the world.

  • In this transformative time I create and hold space for women to see themselves as the powerful individuals they truly are. Change is coming fast and hard and that means many of the ways we’ve engaged in the world have to end, and endings can be scary. Guiding other women along this path of meaningful self expression, that I have been walking for over two decades, is my joy and my privilege. To be loved we must be willing to truly be seen. We are seen and known through our stories.

  • I know that sharing our stories can be really scary, I also know that on the other side of that fear is freedom. So in my one to one work with clients we, among other things, build the muscle of courage so you can share and live the stories that are most meaningful to you.

  • Powerful stories, powerfully shared, lead to powerful change.

I am a story specialist and I believe in Story as Activism, I Know that change starts with story.

If you are ready to do the work of bringing your story into the light, the work of connecting deeply with other women to bring forth the changes that you want to see in the world I would love to work with you and welcome you into this community of powerful truth and storytellers. You can learn more about working with me here