Omkari Williams

What Clients Are Saying


"Omkari is brilliant. She's a great listener, and generous in sharing insights that often helped me be more honest with myself about what I really want. Her patience, sense of humor, and love for what she does are infectious. Her newsletters are always thoughtful, well-written and great food for thought. I recommend her as life/career coach to anyone looking for help sorting out how to take a next step...even if that just means taking a few steps back to reflect on and assess goals. Omkari is extremely professional, dedicated, and definitely helped me think through my personal challenges and set a course that's comfortable for me. —– Marianne B., NYC

“Omkari has been a real gift in my life.  It is so easy to walk through life without thinking, especially as we take care of managing work, marriage, family, and friends. With all those demands, who has time to look at what we are really doing and thinking? But Omkari’s calm and steady support gave me a safe place to examine those things I was avoiding – at my pace and in directions I chose.  As a result of her support, I now understand more fully what had me stalled and know what to do to get moving!.  She didn’t just help me through the particular situation, she gave me tools I can continue to use with new situations. I'm back to doing my creative work on a regular basis. More importantly, perhaps, she has made sleepwalking through my life really impossible.  What a gift.”

—– Lisa B., WA  owner of a textile and weaving business

"Omkari’s blend of intelligence, insight, warmth, and commonsense is unique. There’s no waffling. What you get is a strategy for coping with whatever challenge you’re facing, backed up by her unshakeable belief in your inherent worth as a fellow creative human. You know that she cares and that she has your back. Priceless."

—– Meredith S., VA

“After some time away from my work as an interpreter I was having a difficult time getting back into the rhythms of the business world. Omkari’s coaching greatly helped me to become more efficient in my use of time and to evaluate and value my own skills and experience. She is extremely well-organized and able to communicate her organizational skills. All of these points had a direct impact on making my relationships with clients more beneficial to my business while staying connected to my own writing work. I highly recommend her services.”

—– Bethany H., Paris, France Writer and conference interpreter