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Story underpins everything. When we understand that we have the ability to dramatically change our lives. To live your best life you need to understand where you have been, where you are, and have a clear vision for where you want to go.


We humans tend to rely a lot on our gut feelings; those feelings direct us in our lives. What that means for you and me is that before we commit to working together we should have a nice chat. To that end, you and I will schedule a complimentary session.

We'll get to talk about the challenges you are facing in the present, your dreams for the future, and do some easy and fun exercises to get you moving in the direction of those dreams. That way you can get your questions answered and have an experience of what a coaching session with me actually feels like before we make a longer commitment to each other.

For this “Getting-to-Know-You” call plan on 30 minutes.

Scheduling Your Initial Consult:

To schedule your complimentary 30 minute consult go here. If none of these times work for you whether due to work or that you live in a far off time zone, just email me and we'll find a time that works for us both.

Next Steps:

After our initial consult you choose how many sessions you would like to book. My coaching packages come in sets of four, eight, or twelve hours.

At the start of our collaboration we schedule the first four hours within six weeks time. In those first sessions we will set up the foundation for your redesigned life. Once you have those foundational elements under your belt it is a whole lot easier to maintain your momentum between our calls.

When we've got our date set I'll send you a short "pre-session" questionnaire. This is designed to be painless and will help me get a feel for the challenges you are facing right now.

Also, there is the added benefit to you of the magic that often occurs when you see on paper the thoughts that have been swirling about in your head. Things become, while not crystal clear, clearer. I don't know why that happens, I just know it does.

Don't worry, you can't flunk "Questionnaire".

After that first package, each package of sessions can be used in the way that best suits you. Need an hour this week then two hours three weeks later and one the following month? No problem. You may also buy one tune-up session at a time. All the details are here.

Coaching packages are good for twelve months from when you buy them, so, no rush...

 What I Do:

  • Guide you in creating a life you love drawing on the wisdom of the past while keeping our eyes on your vision of the future
  • Arm you with a toolkit of strategies and techniques to call on when you find yourself getting off track
  • Guide you in becoming your own coach
The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.
— Fredrich Buechner

Let's Do This:

•   Create a life you love by drawing on the wisdom of the past while keeping your eyes on your vision of the future.

•   Arm yourself with a toolkit of strategies and techniques to call on when you find yourself getting off track.

•   Become aware of what it is that you truly want and need to live a life you love.

•   Use the tools of story to gain clarity on what it will take to create a life you love.

•   Find creative ways to incorporate your most important desires into your everyday life.

•   Develop the courage to keep on your path no matter what.

•   Learn how to build your community of others living lives they love.

Click here to book your 30 minute complimentary consultation.

To get started we will schedule an initial 30 minute consult during which time you get your questions answered and get to have an experience of what it is like to work with me.

Coaching Packages


Sessions (excluding initial consult) are typically one hour but half-hour sessions may also be scheduled after our first four sessions. After your first four sessions (which must be used within 6 weeks) all additional sessions may be used as you wish within 12 months of purchase.

After each coaching session you receive an email follow up to help keep your momentum going.

Single session: COST $150

Four session package:  COST $600

Eight session package:  COST $1140 (you save 5%)

Twelve session package:  COST $1620 (you save 10%)

The eight and twelve session packages are perfect if you are working on a larger, longer term life project and would like to have help throughout the process to make sure that you stay on track!

One hour tune up:  COST $150

This is ideal if you just need the human version of a new air filter or an oil change. You may schedule tune ups (after an initial four session package) as often, or occasionally, as you wish.

To schedule your complimentary session go here.