Click the links below to read articles I've written for various print magazines and online journals.

"It's Not the Secret That Really Hurts, It's the Shame" - ELEPHANT JOURNAL, June 2017

"Dimming Your Light? Don't Do That" - WOMEN FOR ONE, March 2017

"A Short Rant On Tolerance" - ELEPHANT JOURNAL, January 2017

"Nurturing Neighbors" - SAVANNAH MAGAZINE, November/December 2016

"There's No Way Around Grief But There Is This" - ELEPHANT JOURNAL, November 2016

"Being Seen" - MY EMPOWERED WORLD, November 2016

"The Story Becomes You" - PAPRIKA SOUTHERN MAGAZINE, Fall 2016

"The Old-School Antidote to Busyness" - ELEPHANT JOURNAL, September 2016

"The Trap of Self-Improvement" - WOMEN FOR ONE, September 2016

"The Bliss of Waiting" - MY EMPOWERED WORLD, September 2016

"Nothing Good Follows A Person Who Stays Too Still" - ELEPHANT JOURNAL, September 2016

"Keeping the (Inner) Peace" - MY EMPOWERED WORLD, August 2016

"The Color of My Skin" - PAPRIKA SOUTHERN MAGAZINE, Summer 2016

"Why Comparing Ourselves to Others Is An Unfair Fight" - ELEPHANT JOURNAL, June 2016

"When 'Okay' Is No Longer Good Enough: How I Chose Myself" - ELEPHANT JOURNAL, May 2016

"Embracing Grace and the Role It Plays In Our Lives" - ELEPHANT JOURNAL, May 2016