We have stories about the beginnings and endings, about our businesses, our relationships, about all of our life. How we communicate our stories is important, that we communicate our significant stories is critical. Women's stories and women's wisdom, especially, need to be shared.

With signature talks designed to inspire and encourage the use of story as a vehicle for significant change, Omkari takes her audience on a journey to the heart of the stories that are most important to them. She gives them ways to use their important stories for the greatest impact in their personal lives, their businesses, and the causes that matter most to them.

At the end of her talks the audience leaves with a new appreciation for the power of story in their own life, as well as concrete ways to bring that power into play in the most meaningful ways.

“Omkari recently spoke at the THRIVE Lowcountry Women’s Conference. Her topic was ‘Limitless: Overcoming Beliefs That Hold You Back’. The content was excellent, well organized, and easy for the audience to comprehend. She is an exceptional and knowledgeable speaker. Her delivery was well balanced with technical specifics and numerous real life examples. Omkari is one of the best speakers that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.”~
— ~ Gordon Magee, Director South Carolina District 0464 SCORE


The Gifts of Story: How Sharing Your Story Builds Connections, Creates Healing, and Bridges the Divides Between Us. 

Starting by revealing the role that story plays in all our lives, the audience is then led on a journey to the heart of story.

Listeners will leave with:

  • A clear understanding of the role of story in all our lives.

  • A road map to powerfully share their stories.

  • Techniques for using story in conscious and intentional ways.

Story as Activism: Using Story to Work for Social Justice

The history of social movements is filled with the stories that inspired the sought after change. An examination of the ways in which story helps us clarify and communicate our goals, this talk will motivate the listeners to tackle the big issues they face in their communities and the larger society. 

Listeners will leave with:

  • A clear understanding of story as a universal way to connect with an audience.

  • A map for choosing, crafting, and delivering their highest impact story.

  • How story can effectively be used to change societal norms.

Story and Business: Using Story to Build a Bond Between You and Your Target Market

Listeners will leave with:

  • A clear understanding of the power of story in business

  • An understanding of how to use story to strongly connect with your ideal clients

  • A template for bringing story into your business communications

Limitless: Overcoming Beliefs That Hold You Back

Listeners will leave with:

  • A clear understanding of how our stories can keep us stuck.

  • Ways to break through the patterns that are holding us back.

  • A written template for addressing the challenges that we are facing in our stories.

“Omkari is an engaging speaker and one of my favorite people to interview. Knowledgeable and focused, confident and prepared, she is the ideal show guest. Omkari’s desire to help others is genuine, and the ease in which she delivers her message captivates the audience. We love when Omkari stops by ‘Behind the Curtain’... She always leaves us wanting for more.”
— ~Kathy Barrett, Writer, Producer, & Host of "Behind the Curtain"

We need the stories of women.

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