Your Story is still being written


Write the story you want to live.

Omkari says that this book came out of many, many conversations. Clients would ask her, “How do I keep making progress on your goals between coaching sessions?” Friends would ask, “How can I make the kinds of changes that I need to make to live the way I want to live if I don’t have a coach?”

The answer, Omkari said, was the same for both groups, "You need to see the forest and the trees".

Using the same techniques that she uses in her coaching practice and Story Circles, the same techniques she uses to make her own life match her dreams, she wrote The Playbook: Creating the Life You Want, to answer those questions. The Playbook brings together writing prompts, meditative coloring, and envisioning trees to guide you as you build a life reflective of your goals and dreams. 

When she first started coaching, speaking, and holding Story Circles she was inspired by the changes that she saw in those who were willing to explore their own stories, and possibilities, with fresh eyes. That willingness to play and dream, that willingness to intentionally create our life is at the heart of The Playbook.

Omkari says, "We all want to live a life that feels deeply reflective of who we are and that brings us what we most deeply value. What we often forget, in the day-to-day hustle and bustle is that we need to plan that life. It will not happen by accident."

Omkari knows that building a life that matches our dreams takes work, absolutely, but, she believes, it should also feel inspiring and fun. She reminds her clients that when we get into a playful, creative state it is much easier to build a life we truly want. To encourage that creative spirit The Playbook accesses both sides of our brain. With logical questions for the left side and art for the right side we bring the best of us to creating the life we want.

In the years since she first started coaching and speaking she's honed her practice to include a deep connection to personal story, more art, and a profound trust in intuition. The Playbook: Creating the Life You Want, is the result of the experiences of those years. For an excerpt, including two envisioning trees, click here