Talking Social Justice, Storytelling, Cultural Appropriation and more with Elinor Predota

Stepping Into Truth: Conversations on Race, Gender, and Social Justice


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In this episode Elinor and I talk about social justice work, storytelling, how to avoid being culturally appropriative and so much more. This wide ranging conversation will get you thinking in ways you may not have before.

Elinor supports people who long to make action for social justice an everyday part of their life and work, but who feel stuck, confused, or overwhelmed, to build their inner resources of resilience, awareness of self, society and environment, and confidence.

Elinor offers one to one, group and DIY programs which are grounded in a long and wide-ranging background in activism, community development, spiritual counseling, ritual work, storytelling, and facilitation of learning. Elinor’s work is rooted in the magic of creativity, of relating across difference, and of becoming alive to all that is present, within and without us, here and now

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Credits: Harmonica music courtesy of a friend

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