Talking Growing up black in white america with Amanda Hollowell

Stepping Into Truth: Conversations on Race, Gender, and Social Justice

Episode 7


Amanda Hollowell

In this conversation community activist Amanda Hollowell and I talk about growing up black in predominantly white communities, her visit to the Civil Rights Museum in Atlanta, and the necessity of organ donation from communities of color.  

Amanda Hollowell graduated from University of California at Berkeley where she received her bachelor’s degree in business communication.

A Savannah resident, she is an active advocate for organ donation and women’s rights. She has an extensive volunteer career that intersects technology, health, politics and culture.

To date, her greatest accomplishment is being the mother of her son, Joah Cash.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

The Center for Civil and Human Rights: Civil Rights Museum in Atlanta

To learn more about organ donation: *LifeLink of Georgia
*They have offices in the Southeast and Puerto Rico but you can find organizations around the country. Also, you can designate yourself as an organ donor on your driver's license in at least 47 states.

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