Talking the ups and downs of social justice work, the trap of expectations and much more with Makenna Held

Stepping Into Truth: Conversations on Race, Gender, and Social Justice

Episode 19

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Makenna Held

In this episode Makenna and I discuss how we can, with the best of intentions, do harm when we intend to do good in the realm of social justice. How expectations are joy killers and so much more.

Start with a vintage, enameled cast iron Dutch Oven (teal is her favorite).

Then sauté a mirepoix of business acumen, marketing, and strategy; pour in a good bottle of Integral Coaching methodology; add a cup of movement and spirituality; and a hearty handful of feminist theory. Whisk gently. Follow with a sprinkle each of intuition, wry comedy, and truth talking; and finally a dash of Tibetan theories of Emptiness. Place in the shade for two hours on a bright sunshine-y day and VOILA! You’d have Makenna Held.

Makenna is the founder of the Your Leadership Recipe methodology, REAL Marketing, the Courageous Cooking ™ school, and an author, speaker, coach, and consultant. With experience spanning from Academia to Marketing to Non-Profit Work to Entrepreneurship, Makenna is uniquely positioned to support business leaders in carving their unique success path. 

Connect with Makenna:

twitter: @makennaheld

Credits: Harmonica music courtesy of a friend

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