Teaching women to speak our stories into the world so we can change the world.


Women’s stories are stories that hold half the wisdom of the world and, when shared, those stories can shift the direction of the world. Our stories are powerful, they are heartbreaking and heart healing. They are stories that can lead the way forward to a world where justice is the norm. 

When we only hear the stories of men, we miss half the picture.

My work is teaching women to value the wisdom that they hold, to share their stories, and to use the power of story and the power of community to make the changes that they wish to see in their lives and, even, in the world.

Change Starts With Our Stories Being Shared

When we learn to use the power of story we become powerful in our own lives in ways we may never have been before. We realize that we can shift our experience through how we engage with the stories we tell others and, most importantly, ourselves. We recognize that story is a powerful tool of connection that we can use to heal the fractures in our own lives and our larger world.

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Hi, I’m Omkari Williams host of the Stepping Into Truth: Conversations on Race, Gender, and Social Justice podcast. I’m also a speaker and a coach.

My work is to bring the stories, voices, and wisdom of women into the world so we can change the world. 

As a black woman who isn’t African American, I have a unique and multi-layered viewpoint on the important conversations we’re having around race, gender, and social justice.
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We have stories about beginnings and endings, about our businesses, our relationships, about all of our life. How we communicate our stories is important, that we communicate our stories is critical.

Women's stories and women's wisdom need to be shared.

With signature talks designed to inspire and encourage the use of story as a vehicle for significant change, Omkari takes her audience on a journey to the heart of the stories that are most important to them.
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Story is foundational to us humans. It’s how we learn, how we connect to other people, how we create divides, or build bridges. But the stories of women too often aren't spoken. When we keep those stories inside we deprive others of the gifts we have to give.

I am a story specialist. Let me be your guide on this journey to powerfully sharing your story.

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