Omkari Williams


Coaching women to share their stories for profit, peace, and power.

We need the stories of women. All women – black, white, and every hue in between. We need the stories of women entrepreneurs, women who work in the home, female doctors, garbage collectors, school bus and truck drivers, and all the other jobs that we do which is all jobs.

We need the stories of American women, Polynesian women, European women, African women, Hispanic women, Asian women, Indigenous women - God knows we need those stories which connect us so deeply to mother Earth. No matter your origins, we need your story.

We need the stories of women who are straight, in the LGBTQ community, or none of the above. Stories from women who are on the right, left, center, or totally apolitical.

We need these stories because our stories, women’s stories, are the stories of more than half the world. Without our stories decisions are made with half the information, half the wisdom.

Speaking about the power and value of women's stories, and creating spaces where women’s stories can be shared and honored, is my passion. To read stories from women I've talked with, go here

I’m so happy to have you here. Please take a look around and, if you are interested in Story Circles (an online gathering of women sharing and receiving stories), be sure to sign up here to be notified when they start in the autumn.

Join me in exploring, sharing, and celebrating our stories.