Omkari Williams



Hi, I'm Omkari. I speak, coach, and write on the power of story in our individual and collective lives. My work and my passion is being a midwife for women birthing their stories into the world, so let me tell you a little bit of mine.

Story matters so deeply to me because I've lived, and keep living every day, the value of sharing my own story and hearing the stories of other women. I've been described as a "gatherer" of stories. One of my absolute favorite descriptions!

The past several years in my life have opened my world in unexpected ways. My life was going along very normally. I and my then husband were living in upstate NY, I was doing my coaching work and life was fine. Then came an out of the blue cancer diagnosis. Once that trauma was over I found myself in a place a lot of trauma survivors know. There was life before and there is life after and those places are very, very different.

Nothing like life shoving your mortality in your face to get your attention. For me the result was leaving my marriage, moving to a new part of the country, reconnecting with my spirituality, and meeting and marrying a woman who captured my heart.

It also meant that I refocused on what had fallen into the background of my life, story.

Women's stories are deep, multilayered, and bring powerful wisdom that is badly needed.

Right now, our world is dangerously out of balance. I believe that part of the reason for this imbalance is that we are missing the stories of women. Our untold stories are the stories of half the world. Think about it this way, we make our decisions based on the stories we know. When we only know half the story we can't make wise choices.

For me, helping women get their stories out into the world, whether in spoken words, writing, art, music, dance, or any other form, is a way of helping redress the balance. Sharing our stories heals, both us personally and the world. So many of us don't even realize the powerful stories we are holding within ourselves.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
— Maya Angelou

Our stories express who we are. When we share our stories we share our wisdom, our pain, our joys. We share ourselves. For too many of us keeping our stories and ourselves hidden is a habit. Keeping our stories hidden is a way of avoiding stepping into our personal power, a way of blending in so we don't upset anyone. But when we blend in at the expense of telling our truth we become smaller.

Sharing our stories can feel scary, but on the other side of that fear is freedom.

Are your important stories out in the daylight or are they still locked within you? Are your stories building bridges between you and other people in your immediate and larger worlds?

We are seen and known through our stories. To be loved we must be willing to truly be seen. Sharing our stories, in whatever ways we wish, being seen by those who matter to us, this is a path to peace and love.

My story continues to evolve… so does yours.

The world needs our truth, our experience, our points of view, and, most of all, our love. Sharing our stories opens hearts.  Ours and others.

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